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  • £ 449.00

    Gone are the days when you had to spend your time cleaning floors. With your AiCleaner working for you, you can get perfect, clean floors with no effort. When you are out during the day, the AiCleaner can be programmed to be busy leaning, sweeping, vacuuming so that when you get home the floors are spotless! Gone are the days when you had to...

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  • £ 396.50

    Nobody likes cleaning windows. So don't! With the TanGO Hobot, your window-cleaning days are over. Using it's special tracking software, it cleans the full window surface, inside and out, big window or small, giving you the beautiful clean windows you like. When it's finished you can pop the cleaning cloths in the washing machine to be ready for the next... Nobody likes cleaning windows. So...

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  • £ 349.00

    The TanGO Slim Plus may look simple but it has all the power of larger vacuum robots. The TanGO Slim Plus may look simple...

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  • £ 299.00

    No more weekend vacuuming sessions. Spend the time with your family instead. No more weekend vacuuming sessions....

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  • £ 589.00

    Cooking with Tango Mix will be a cinch. This food processor will change the way you cook, helping to unleash your culinary potencial while saving you time and effort. Cooking with Tango Mix will be a...

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  • £ 99.00

    Everybody likes fried food ... but oh, yes, we worry about the fat in our diet. Now, with the TanGO Oil Free, you can 'fry' food with almost no oil. By directing very hot air over the food you get the same crispy finish you and your children like, but in a much healthier way. Stop frying now and start Frying! Everybody likes fried food ... but...

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  • £ 69.00

    Kids love ice-cream. No doubt about that. But we all worry about giving them the best food. With your TanGO Ice Cream you kids will be delighted with the flavours and you will be sure you are giving them the fruit they need to grow in a healthy way. Just pop some of your favorite fruit in the freezer and when it is ready you can make home-made ice cream... Kids love ice-cream. No doubt about...

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  • £ 59.00

    Imagine being able to make a salad in a couple of minutes. All that chopping, slicing and the mess you make in the kitchen means you probably eat less salads then you should. Now with the TanGO Salad Maker you can chop and slice the ingredients of a salad for your family in minutes ... and leave no mess! Make the change ... Start eating healthier food today! Imagine being able to make a salad in...

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